Ebook Review: Knight Blind – Alice Bienia

Story: Jorja Knight is trying to get her PI business together, which she leases the building with her best friend who is a talented caterer. Gabby’s grandmother has a friend who needs help, so she is sent Jorja’s way. When she finds the relative of the Holocaust survivor is dead, maybe murdered, she looks for the son, the survivor’s last living relative. Will she find the son, or will he have the same fate as his father? What will happen along the way?

Final Notes: Knight Blind 4.8/5 I could not get this book out of my hands, it is so captivating. As a history buff, having anything to do with WW2, the Holocaust, always piques my interest. Yet there is so much more than just history that kept me interested, the mystery, the intrigue, and the suspense, kept me going! There were many times when chills kept going up and down my spine, and I was so entranced that I had to keep going onward! Seriously this girl is so brave, compassionate, sweet, risk-taking and every bit of a bad-ass. She cares for her friends, her clients, and even strangers on the street. Sometimes she gets ahead of herself, but she makes it all right in the end. I can’t wait to see how Mike, who is a great guy and best friend, and her other friends end up (hopefully clean and off the streets.) The ending was bittersweet, but realistic. Sadly, not everyone gets a happy ending. I hope for more of this series and this author.

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