Ebook Review: Big Bad – Kirsten Weiss

Story: Alice is an unemployed, divorced ex-bodyguard who has been working for a PI, and then there is a murder in the theatre, which is under her apartment. She has many obstacles to bringing the murderer to justice, with nosy friends, brother, and landlord. Will she find out how the star died, or who will be the next target of the killer’s wrath? Will it be someone else, or will Alice not come out alive?

Final Notes: Big Bad 4.1/5 Stars

This funny novel brings light-heartedness and laughter to deceit, lies, jealousy, and murder. The killer was a bit of a surprise but was one of my suspects when I first met them. Fredo, and Sammi, are so cute together. I wish she liked Sammi better and maybe have some allergy pills so she could be around Sammi more. Sometimes it is because of books like this point that many people believe that they are able to catch a murderer and bring the victims some justice. Ms. Weiss makes this an interesting point in her book, in that Alice’s friends, landlord, and brother want to help her in any way possible. If I got the chance for free rent to help someone find justice, I’d take it, but then I’d try to help anyway. The story leaves me wanting more, and I am awaiting the next novel with Alice and her brother Charlie. This may be sentimental of me, but when Alice told Charlie that he was her brother, not half brother, it made me smile. We need more people like that in the world today!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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