Audiobook Review: A Girl on the Brink – Christina Hoag

Story: Chloe, just beginning her life with an internship at the local newspaper, meets Kiernan.  Soon she’s enchanted by the way Kiernan treats her, as if she’s special, unlike how her mother and friends  treat her.  With her mother’s depression, her friends disappointed with how Chloe’s acting since Kieran came into her life.  But is Kiernan the kind, passionate, and perfect guy Chloe has wished for? Or is he a nightmare waiting to happen?

The Narrator: Ms. Rose’s voice fit the sweet, stressed, and naive Chloe. Her other voices balanced between Chloe’s depressed, alcoholic mother, envious/worried friends, and the boyfriend, Kieran.  There was never a time when I didn’t know who was thinking, or doing the talking in this novel, and sometimes it does happen for me.  I hope to hear more from this narrator, I will be checking more of her out, soon.

Final Notes: A Girl on the Brink: 7/5 Stars! Angela Rose Masi 5/5 Stars! This novel (audiobook) brought out many memories for me. Life is not always easy, but when those curve balls are swinging, then you find out what pain and determination really is all about. Not everyone shows their true colours, or the colours change over time, seeing them early is the key. Be watchful, but also hopeful about the future. I rejoiced, sobbed, and fought along with Chloe, and I hope that the real person who’s story this has been inspired by, has a really many happy endings and beginnings in life! Christine, you did a fabulous job on this novel! I couldn’t have asked for more!

Til Next time, AGirlandHerTablet is ready for her next adventure!

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