E-book Review: Mistletoe Malarkey – Stella Bixby

Story: Mistletoe Marlarkey is the first book from this author that I have read. Shayla is an American cop in love with an Irish billionaire bachelor, though she doesn’t know about the billionaire part yet. Yet when Seamus’ uncle is murdered, Shayla will help crack the case, and also see if there is something else Seamus has planned for them? Will everything go smoothly, or will family, ex’s, and murder ruin all the Christmas plans?

Final Notes: Mistletoe Malarkey 4.23/5 Stars this novel, though a murder mystery had the feelings of a romantic comedy/hallmark mystery movie. This comment is not to sound rude or derogatory, because most of the times this is one of my go-to movies, and to have it in novel form is a treat, and (hint hint Hallmark) I would love to see Shayla and Seamus on the screen. The ending was the best part, not only knowing the killer is caught, and she is starting the next chapter in her life. Throughout the murder, mystery, and romance, it made me feel as if I was glancing into someone’s lives, and I felt honored to read and review Mistletoe Malarkey. Thank You to and Story Origin for the arc and a chance to spend time in Ireland and Shayla’s world.

Til the next time AGirlandHerTablet is saying Tally-O! (Giggles)
Updated May 7th, 2022

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