Audiobook Review: I Was Anastasia – Ariel Lawhon

Story: The story of the Russian Romanov princess Anastasia is a story that still delights and mystifies people of all nations. It is more than just history to people, but a mystery, full of intrigue, one that came to an end in the 1990’s when the truth finally came out, and peace was made with the finding of all the Romanov’s. There are two tellers of the story in this novel, Anastasia, the princess, and Ana, who tells us her story. Is she the real princess or is she some imposter? Everyone, even me, wanted one of the royals to live from that horrendous night in the basement in Ekaterinburg. As a child, I wished that my family was secretly the decedents of Anastasia, I know the musings of a child, but everyone has had their dreams of fancy one time or another. Yet Ana, she tells us the true story of what happened and how she got to where she was in her life, even having scars that was remarkably like the ones that Anastasia received that final night. We know that Anastasia didn’t survive, but the amazing writing, and how she wrote the story and its layout, gave me a glimmer of hope that they were wrong, even though DNA has been established that Ana Anderson was not Anastasia. As a former history major this was a wonderful story, and to see how her both of their lives lived out, it kept me glued to it and I couldn’t stop listening, I hated every time I had to use the pause or stop button.

Narrators: There are not enough words to how I feel about this novel nor about the narrators, Jane Collingwood and Sian Thomas. It felt as if I was listening to them tell me their stories, as if I had gone back in time to hear them and experience what they experienced.

Final Thoughts: I was Anastasia 4.9/5 Stars Narrators 5.1/5 Stars

I will be looking for more of their works and am really excited to read Ariel Lawhon’s books as well. Just because something happened in the past doesn’t make it boring or not worth knowing, so give this a read. Until next time, this is A Girl and Her Tablet signing off!

2 thoughts on “Audiobook Review: I Was Anastasia – Ariel Lawhon”

  1. Thank you for this review. Most important, after we reading it, we want read the original book. You doing great job – its aint easy nowaday force anyone reading…and yes..i hope she escaped ..


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