Audiobook review: Cruel Beauty – Rosamund Hodge

Looking thru all the audiobooks on my computer, some I paid for and the others were gifts from friends, I wondered what would be the best audio book for my channel and to set the tone of my blog? Then I went back to the first audiobook that I had listened to, and how that it had sparked my imagination years ago.

Story: Cruel Beauty, by Rosamund Hodge, and then I knew the answer. I thought the very first audiobook review should be from the very first audio book that sparked my interest in this field of artistry and writing. The Story: The book is somewhat of a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, where the girl is forced to live with a monster, but unlike the versions that we all knew, this young maiden had to marry him. Being trapped in the world that was full of old Grecian life with gods and goddesses, magical rooms and halls, a ghost that is part of someone that the heroine, Nyx begins to trust and yet doesn’t know who to trust. Her sister, and everyone wants her not to reform him, but to kill him. She has also been training for this all her life, and while she starts to fall in love with him, her sister tries to keep her to her promise of killing Ignifex, and when she doesn’t, tries to do the deed herself. The story was different and not at all what I expected from a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, but it was a wonderful story that kept me entranced until the end, and I was sad to see that it was over, and went to look for others to satisfy my new desire.

The Narrator: Her smoky voice made me feel like I was inside the castle watching these events happening, and I am so glad to see that she has more books for me to listen to. As a child I hated when most of our teachers would make us read aloud or to put in a boring tape that someone read and it was so monotone that no matter how important the story was, or how interesting, the narrator could never keep my interested then, I wish I had people like Elizabeth Knowelden to read for our classes when I was little.

Final Notes: Cruel Beauty 4.7/5 Stars Narrator 4.9/5 Stars

Just because this is classified as a young adult book, it is very advanced, full of intrigue and nothing like I have either read or listened to, I believe that everyone would love it, give it a read, you will not be disappointed. I hope this review is to your liking, and you will pick up a copy of it, and also come back for the next installment of A Girl With Her Tablet!

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