E-book Review: Dawn of Devotion –


There’s a thin line between devotion and obsession, and crossing it is deadly.

Story: Publisher Description: There’s a thin line between devotion and obsession, and crossing it is deadly.

Danielle Madison has spent the eight years since her ninth birthday channeling the devastation of her best friend’s murder into catching pedophiles online. Being the one to have found Kira’s body, she can’t forget the brutality of the crime. Worse, she’s sure Kira wasn’t the murderer’s first victim. Since he was never caught, she’s also sure Kira wasn’t his last, and she’s dead set on figuring out his identity. 

Months away from her eighteenth birthday, the course of Danielle’s life is altered once again when her father forces her to move across the country to live with her estranged mother––a wealth-obsessed narcissist with nothing but complaints when it comes to her daughter. Complaints that send Danielle’s self-esteem spiraling, and put her at odds with Michael Beller, the one person she’s finally found a connection with. But Michael has no idea how far Danielle has taken her obsession with catching child killers, or that she’s caught the attention of the very one she’s been looking for all along.

As the ninth anniversary of Kira’s death approaches, Danielle is unraveling. Michael wants every drop of her attention, but so does Kira’s murderer––and he gets it every time he baits her.

While she keeps secrets to protect those she cares about, one thing is certain––she’s putting everyone at risk, most of all herself.

4.25/5 Stars! Dani is a spitfire that holds a tragedy close to her heart and never lets anyone take the fire of finding her best friend’s killer away from her. Even though she had to change her entire life, she kept going. Though there were people who wanted to get to know her and someone who tried to help her with her dark secrets, she still had trouble trusting people. I understand how challenging trusting people can be, and it is a daily struggle, so this is great insight for others. Dani’s personality is inspirational for people to see that life can change for the better. If someone has had trouble with trauma, this might not be the book for you to read.

The ending felt a little rushed for me, but that’s my opinion. I wished it had taken a little more time and the killer faced justice instead of what happened in the novel. Unfortunately, this is the first novel I’ve read from this author, but I want to read more! I will find the previous books of this series and read them.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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