Audiobook Review: His and Hers – Alice Feeney

Story: As the saying is known, there are two sides to every story. There are no exceptions to this story. With Jack and Anna’s story, there are so many twists and turns that sometimes you don’t know who to believe is telling the truth in this novel. As a news reporter, Anna is taken back to her hometown when someone’s murdered, and Jack is the head of the investigative team. Yet for Anna, there are so many parts about her life and her past that she would love to forget. However, the killer wants the truth brought up to the light. With Jack, he has a few secrets as well and hopes that no one tells them. With lies, deceits, and Anna’s past in school coming back to haunt her, she has to decide who she wants to be and how she will overcome them, and they need to see if they can work together before the killer finds them for good. Will the killer end her life and others, or is there more than one killer? The book will have to be listened to or read to find out the answers to these questions.

The Narrators: The narrators’ voices are delightful and make the story even more enjoyable to hear while crocheting an enormous blanket. I am eager to listen to more by these narrators, and especially Stephanie Racine makes the characters come to life!

Final Notes: His and Hers 4.1/5 Stars Narrators 4.7/5 Stars

I loved the story because these types of thrillers keep me guessing, but I kind of knew parts of the story, and others I was blindsided, which is a nice change of pace for me. I was sorry for what Anna had to go thru to become the woman she was, and it was sad, but life is not always happy and filled with roses. I do know the loss of a loved one, but I have never had the loss of a child. Anna and Jack, hopefully, can find happiness in the future. Until next time, A Girl and Her Tablet saying have fun. I hope you enjoyed your time here!

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