Dec 02 Christmas Blog: Audiobook Review: Beauty and the Brit – Poppy St. James

Goodreads Blurb: I’m not that kind of girl. The kind who falls for her wealthy, inexplicably attractive, and totally unavailable male friend. Sitting on the sidelines, I’ve watched women throw themselves at the sexy British bachelor Sterling Quinn, and vowed I would never be one of them. But now the tables are turned. Sterling needs to get married, something about an old-fashioned inheritance requirement. And suddenly I’m not just working PR . . . I’m thrust into the role of matchmaker. The more time I spend with the gorgeous and flirtatious Sterling, the more the lines between business and pleasure start to blur. But is this a risk worth taking? Deciding what I want most—my flawless professional reputation, or a second chance at love with a man who delivers everything I didn’t know I needed—is going to be my biggest gamble yet.

Narrators: Shane East and Erin Mallon 4.25/5 Stars! While I really enjoyed listening to both narrators, I really wished that there was either 1 narrator, or when one was speaking, and it was the other’s speaking, then use the other voice. The story would have been better, but still a really good listen.

Final Notes: Beauty and the Brit 4.7/5 stars! This was a good story with the right amount of heat without being too smutty. I really wish they had been more open to each other, instead of playing all the games. There was tension, happiness, stress, and the best part a happily-ever-after! Let’s be real, it’s the best part of a romance story!

Until Tomorrow, AGirlandHerTablet is ready for her next novel!

Note: This book was previously published under an alternate pseudonym.


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