Dec 01 Christmas Book Blog Ebook Review: Knight Vision – Alice Bienia

Goodreads Blurb:

Some lies can haunt you forever.

PI Jorja Knight’s last case thrust her into the limelight and brought out more than one would-be client seeking to share the spotlight. Yet when she’s approached by a psychic clairvoyant who has foretold her own murder, she’s sufficiently intrigued to take on the case. But just as Jorja begins her hunt for the predicted killer, her client’s lookalike is found dead. Jorja’s client starts to unravel, her premonitions amplify, she insists the killer will strike again.

Diving into her client’s past to flush out suspects, Jorja learns she is keeping secrets from her. Jorja becomes suspicious of her intended role in the investigation when the psychic’s premonitions begin to manifest in her own world. And as the physical threats escalate, Jorja fears that buried secrets could cost both their lives.

Final Notes: Knight Vision 4.8/5! While I will not say if I believe in psychics, this was an interesting story that kept me guessing til the end. Jorja’s character keeps evolving, and she keeps being someone I really like to read about. Having her best friend was great to see though his daughter had to go through a difficult time, the way their friendship reminds me of a friend of mine, like Max, is always there when I need him! The use of the characters was interesting, and a little ingenious in my opinion, however, Jorga keeps getting into severely dangerous situations, will her job be the end of her? I’ve missed some of the books in the series, but can’t wait to get them, after I get my to-do pile down a bit, lol, and can read them at one time. Another great book from a great author!!! Sorry, this had been a long time coming!

Til Next Time AGirlandHerTablet says see you soon!

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