E-Book Review: Forest of Dreams and Whispers: A Sleeping Beauty Retelling – Katherine Macdonald

GoodReads Blurb:

A mortal raised in the land of Faerie, Juliana Ardencourt doesn’t remember the curse being cast.

But the rest of Faerie does.

On Prince Hawthorn’s eighteenth birthday, at the first drop of his blood spilled, the kingdom will be plunged into a century-long slumber…

And the Unseelie King will reign.

As his personal guard, Juliana is sworn to serve the vain, arrogant prince only until the fateful day, but when the curse is unleashed, Juliana alone is the one that can save him.

Connected to Hawthorn through their dreams, Juliana soon finds her feelings shifting for the boy she once swore to hate…

And soon swears to sacrifice anything to save him. 

Final Notes: 4.95/5! This book had me mesmerized from the moment that I opened the e-book. I came into a magical world that made me feel anger, frustration, love, happiness, and many other emotions that made me discern all through this novel. The only reason I didn’t put a 10 out of 5 for the novel is cause of the back-and-forth timeline. Sometimes I forgot where I was because I had to put the book down so many times, which I hated. My favorite part was that the prince didn’t act like a self-absorbed prince and that he cared for Juliana! I wish that someone would care that way about me. Though I have more books to read, I have already put this in my re-read stack! If I re-read a novel, it’s a real winner; I cannot wait for book 2! Reading this was the best way to spend the day!

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Until next time, AGirlandHerTablet can’t wait til another great adventure comes my way!


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