January 01 – This is How I Lied – Heather Gudenkauf

Story: Many years ago, Maggie and her best friend had a huge fight, and then Eve was found dead later on. Maggie and Eve’s sister were the ones to have found her body. Now as a detective on the police force, Maggie is now looking into Eve’s murder. But Maggie herself has been holding onto many secrets over the years, is she ready to come clean on everything that really happened that fateful night twenty-five years ago? Who murdered Eve, and why? There are so many twists and turns in this novel, the killer, might not just be who you think they are? Will Maggie come clean on her own past, or will it all stay hidden in lies? ( I am keeping this one short because I am not trying to spoil it for anyone who decides to read it!)

The narrator: I really loved her voice, and she kept it fresh, and it fit the mood. Her emotions fit the scenes really well, and I felt as if I was there with Maggie, all along her twisted wild journey. Making the characters different, and also Eve’s sister sinister and little “touched” as I’ve heard it been called, added a lot to the character.

Final Notes: This Is How I Lied 4.3/5 Brittany Pressley 4.9/5

I really loved the book, but before the murder was found out, I knew basically who they were. Her dad, who loved her and took care of her, even though he didn’t have to, is a dad to have. This might not sound right, but justice was done, so it doesn’t matter. Also this is a work of fiction and if something happened in real life, I would want anyone to bring the killer to justice.

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