eBook Review: The Kidnapping of Sarah Easton – Erik Goddard

Story: Sarah, going to her doctor’s appointment, is unnerved when her doctor’s receptionist states that she needs to go to his other office due to complications inside the office. There is another woman behind her in the area and is experiencing the same dilemma. Because of this, they decide to go to their offices together. When they get there, there is another man, and he asks Sarah for her phone because their’s is non-functional. Reluctantly she lets him use hers, and then she finds out it is all a trap. She has been kidnapped and held for ransom. Thru all the days, she goes from seeing them being in masks to seeing their real faces. To complicate matters even more, then she even starts to get close to one of her kidnappers. Tony, she despises. Ian, a British man, Sarah finds him arrogant. However, with Jane, Sarah doesn’t know if she can trust her, or if she feels sorry for her. Then when someone comes around, they start limiting Sarah and not allowing her to move up and down the stairs and watch her more closely. She however is not going to let them take over and tries to find ways to get out of the situation. Will she get free and find out who really kidnapped her, because not everyone in her life is telling her the truth.

Final Notes: A Kidnapping of Sarah Easton 4.9/5 Stars!

First, of all thank you to the author and also to NetGalley, who allowed me to read and review this captivating novel. The only reason this is not a total 5-star novel, is because something is missing, and I am asking questions, and it is why is there no epilogue? The story needs to be all tied up in a bow for me to end properly, and it is not done, there are too many questions to ask that need answered. What happened to the Doctor? How did she do after the kidnapping, and other questions, but I guess like in life we don’t always get to know or see the answers we want. Other than that, I think this is a great novel that will keep you reading till you reach the last page! Yet for now, A Girl and Her Tablet is telling everyone goodbye till next time!!!

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