Audioboook Review: A Fall From Grace – Jennie Goutet

Story: Being shunned from society because of her father’s gambling and debts, which he left after he drank himself to death, Selena Lockhart was resigned to become a companion to a distant relative. Yet on the way to Lady Harrowden, the stagecoach hits a patch of ice and is unable to travel anymore. Luckily Lord Lucius Claverings hunting box, or hunting cabin as we would call it, was close enough for her to go and retain assistance, Luckily Selena came and found him with another lady, a Miss Woodsley, who would become a pain to Selena in the future and after Miss Woodsley’s brother came, Lord Lucius gave Selena a carriage ride to her cousin’s and new employer. At Lady Harrowden’s, her welcome was really unwelcoming, and also Mariah Lucius’s sister was there as well. Working hard, while trying to please Lady Harrowden and staying aways from the newest Lord Harrowden, she sees herself becoming happy whenever Lucius comes around, Yet it is discrete at the estate. Lord Harrowden is out of money and needs a wife fast, and Selena is made governess to Miss Woodsley because she is Lady Harrowden’s ward. Miss Woodsley also is trying to win the heart of Lucius, who has developed feelings for Selena. However, when Mariah’s ball comes around, Selena is humiliated by her former fiancee and believes that she has lost her employment, which helps her mother and sisters, Instead of Lucius coming to her aid, he sends his little brother. Thru all their troubles, they eventually tell each other their feelings and decide to get married, Selena thru the story has faced many hardships and sometimes judge too quickly, yet love prevails.

The Narrator: The narrator’s voice fits Selena’s character perfectly. Sometimes I got a little confused when Phillipa and Mariah were in the same scene, they were very similar. Also when Lucius and Lord Harrowden’s scenes also happened to get a little confusing. Yet she made the story enjoyable and I hope to hear more of her again.

Final Notes: A Fall from Grace 4/5 Stars Narrator: 3.8/5 Stars

This is a lovely story and is sweet. TI shows us that life doesn’t always happen as we plan and that we can’t change our past or our family, even though we want to. However, we can overcome them. The story has its moments, like when Phillipa, Lucius’s little sister, comes to Selena to talk to her, even though it was not the current manner to do. I really enjoyed the book, for many of the people of the book reminded me of people in my own life. It is a solid read, where the whole story is shown, not just the romance. I will be listening to this author again, soon. I picked up this book at the library on a whim. I’m glad I did.

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