e-Book Review: Sugar Scars-Travis Norwood

Admission: This is a re-read, I have read this book a few years earlier, but it is so amazing that I had to re-read it! I was given this book thru Netgalley to review, and I am so glad I did!

Story: Sugar, the main character in the story has suffered a huge loss, or rather the whole world has, there has been an epidemic due to a virus, and yes it is ironic that we are going thru a global pandemic, but luckily we are having nowhere near the deaths due to Covid-19. We never find out what is Sugar’s real name, and I wish I had learned it, and as a child, I hated having such a common name that I wished that I could have changed it, but I am happy with it now. Sugar is a diabetic, type 1, and is dependent on insulin. At the first of the book, she thinks that she will have enough insulin to last her the rest of her life, not knowing that there is a shelf life on medicine. So she tries to find a way to make new medicine. On the way, she meets new people, good and bad. Within that, she becomes part of a community, which she did not feel a part of before the epidemic happened. Yet, will she make it in time? I will not spoil it for you, you will have to read the book for yourself to find out.

Final Notes: Sugar Scars 4.45/5

This book shows you that you never know what you will have to go thru in life, and sometimes we take a much different path than we thought we would in life. Sugar always thought she was a loner, but changed. There are also good and bad people in life, and sometimes we don’t always see who they really are until it is almost too late. This is a great dystopian book and I believe even if you are not into the genre, you will find it interesting as I did. Until the next time, A girl and Her Tablet are leaving to find her newest read or listen! Bye!

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